6 Reasons Why Swimming is the Best Exercise for You

Swimming has been referred to as the perfect exercise ever since. It is because when you swim, you can be able to get all the advantages you can get from aerobic workouts without creating any damaging impact on your joints. Regardless of your age, swimming is the best exercise for you. Swimming is also done by athletes in order for them to keep fit and stay strong especially when they are in the process of recovering from an injury, and there’s no any fancy equipment or tools needed – just the deep blue and you! While there are a lot of advantages swimming can offer to mankind, more people are still not aware of it. Swimming actually has many more advantages than those obvious benefits seen on the surface. In addition, its improvements to overall well-being and health go so much deeper. In this article, you will be able to learn the top advantages that you will receive when you swim in a regular manner.


 1. Swimming Can Improve Muscle Definition and Strength

Basically, swimmers are gaining muscle strength throughout their entire body. While runners build muscle specifically in their legs, swimmers use more muscle groups from the whole body to move effectively through the water. When the legs kick, the swimmer’s arms pull. As the swimmer’s back rotates and reaches, the stomach tightens in order to stabilize the core and power the legs, making swimming the most effective aerobic exercises, giving you a total body exercise. If you need an inspiration, just look at the physique of Michael Phelps.

2. Swimming Can Build Up Bone Mass

For many years, experts are hooked at the idea that regular swimming can affect bone mass. While most people believe that only weight bearing workouts can be able to give this benefit, recent studies were able to prove that swimming can actually increase bone weight. According to a recently published researched, there are some ethical reasons why in-depth bone examinations should be avoided on humans. That is the reason why the study were conducted into rats where they were grouped into three: swimming, running, and a group that is being controlled and has no exercise stimulation While the study has proved that running still shows the highest increase in Bone Mineral Density or BMD, the swimming group were also able to show dramatic benefits over the controlled group in both femoral bone weight and BMD. While more researches are required, these new data collected show that the previous dismissed studies about how swimming can affect bone mass should be an open book once again.

3. Swimming Can Help You Stay Flexible

When you swim, you are required to stretch, reach, twist, as well as pull through the water. Your fins are your ankles and they are stretched with every kick while pushing off against the pressure from the water. This does not mean you should not still on your own. It’s just that repetitive stretching made in your swimming strokes can also help with flexibility of your body.

4. Swimming Can Help Reduce Inflammation

While the cardiovascular benefits of swimming when it comes to strengthening the muscle of the heart are common knowledge to most people, one study also found out that aerobic activities like swimming, can help reduce inflammation that usually leads to the heart’s atherosclerosis build up. Reducing inflammation in the entire system also leads to lessened progression of the disease other areas. Therefore, expect to hear more benefits of swimming as the research continues.

5. Swimming Can Burn Down Calories

Almost everyone knows that regular swimming serves as one of the most effective exercises in burning calories. However, most people do not realize that it can be just as effective and efficient as using a treadmill. Swimming can actually burn greater, if not equal calories, than running depending on your intensity as well as on the stroke you choose. In addition to that, you do not have to worry about the sweat covering your eyes.

6. Swimming Improves Exercise-Induced Asthma

It is really frustrating when you try to exercise but you are not able to get your breath. Fortunately, swimming lets you breathe in moist air while you train – a total opposite when you work out in the gym where you breathe dry air. Swimming doesn’t only help alleviate the symptoms of asthma – studies even show that swimming can improve the lung’s overall condition. Even if you do not have asthma, you can still benefit from swimming too since it can increase the overall lung volume, as well as teaches good techniques for breathing.

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Basic Guide to Maintaining Clean and Clear Pool Water

In order to keep the water of your pool sparkling clean, some basic maintenance steps are needed to be practiced. In this article, you will be able to find information regarding with the usage of products, as well as how to test and care your water for easier and faster pool maintenance.

Pool Water


The pump of your pool has the most important role as it is the heart of the circulation system. During the operation, the pump will move water from the pool and then it will be sent through the filter so that any dirt, debris and dust will be removed before the water is sent back to the pool.

The question is, how long should your pump operate? Basically, swimming pool size, swimmer load, piping size as well as the actual pump size can all tell how long your pump should operate. However, it is best that you consult a pool professional for the proper time. Professional pool contractors can be able to easily answer that based on the specific type of pool you have, as well as the proper amount of time range required in order to keep your pool clean and crystal clear. The best idea is to run the pump about an hour for every 10 degrees temperature. If the pump of your pool is not running, the water will not be filtered or circulated. Circulating the water by running the pump is the most ideal way to help prevent pool problems in the long run.

The Filtration System

The filtration system’s job is to remove any debris and dirt that cannot be dissolved from the water in the pool. While the pump’s hair, lint basket, and skimmer basket all play a role in the filtration cycle of the pool water, the major element of this system is the filter itself. When you backwash DE filters or sand frequently, the filter cannot be able to reach its maximum cleaning potential and you’re simply wasting water. A lot of filters actually require backwashing when its pressure gauge rises to 8 to 10 psi from clean. It is best to consult your pool professional in order to better understand what the pump and skimmer basket play in keeping your entire pool clean and clear. In addition to that, always check your owner’s manual for information related to the kind of filter your pool has.

Testing Your Pool

Regularly testing your pool, at least two to three times a week during summer season and once a week during winter season is extremely important in maintaining sanitizer levels and water balance plus to ensure the comfort of the swimmer. The best way to test your pool is by using test strips for adequate total alkalinity, pH levels and sanitizer levels. Proper testing your pool also ensures that the level of calcium is maintained, and to make sure that not metals are present in the pool water as well. Pool testing can be conducted by you or a pool professional. To prevent any corrosive action or scaling, as well as to achieve maximum comfort for swimmers, the pool water must be balanced to these levels:

Balancing pH

The base and acid level in the pool water is measured by pH. The pH of the water in the pool should be properly tested and adjusted, if possible on a weekly basis. If the pool water’s pH level drifts to the scale’s acid side, corrosion of pool equipment and surfaces can occur. If the pool water’s pH drifts to the base side, deposits, cloudy water and scaling can occur. You can use a pH increaser to better increase the pool’s pH level. At 8.5 level, the chlorine is only about 10 percent active. At 7.0 level, the chlorine is about 73 percent active. If you happen to maintain pH around 7.5 level, chlorine will be 50 to 60 percent active. Regularly checking the pH level of your pool water allows you to use the chlorine’s full potential since it is already in the pool. When you want to lower your pool’s pH level, you can use a pH decreasing solution. You can simply follow the directions in the label of the product basing on your pool size and test results. You can also take a pool water sample to your pool professional dealer at least every 2 to 3 weeks for complete analysis and test.

You should bear in mind that when you use any product to your pool water, you should always follow the directions in the label. Never mix products together especially if you do not have knowledge and experience on how to use it. If you are not sure about what certain products or tools to be used, you should ask help from your local pool professional. In addition, if you want to improve the appearance of your pool, you should only contact the most experienced and professional Sebring pool remodeling contractor in your area.

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